The training simulation for fundamental carpentry and construction skills

SIMBUILD is developed by VRSim and distributed by Mimbus

What is Simbuild ?


SimBuild Carpentry teaches fundamental skills used in residential constructions. Students learn by competing increasingly complex work orders from reading a measuring tape, to laying out a gable roof, to proper calculation of rise and run a staircase. While SimBuild Carpentry teaches the practical skills of carpentry and safety, the student learn core academic concept in reading, science, engineering and math.




  • Covers all basics of Carpentry – reading a measuring tape, proper tool use, blueprint reading …
  • Interpret information and review procedures in real world context
  • Engage students with a variety of challenging activities
  • Increase safety awareness
  • Learn green building techniques
  • Assessment activities reinforce learning
  • Integrated learning management system tracks student’s performance

Simbuild in action

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